100th Post & Proud

Wanted to keep my 100th blog post simple & let the picture of our completed house speak for itself. Very proud of what we’ve achieved.


Curtains & Colourways

Goodbye blackout blinds

Goodbye “Do you need an eye mask?”

Hello new curtains and blinds!

It has to be known that I love a bit of soft furnishings. None of our existing curtains or blinds are shy of a strong design and this continues with the new additions. Yesterday the two guest rooms received the window treatment, as did the upstairs utility and landing.

Garage Bedroom:

Fabric: John Lewis London scene fabric – discontinued. Up-cycled curtains from a different room. Love the monochrome feel of this room.

Garage Bedroom

Garage Bedroom

Bay Window Bedroom:

Fabric: Scion Zsa Zsa. Stone/Spill/Gull colourway.  Calm room with a zing.

Bay Bedroom

Bay Bedroom

Utility Room: 

Fabric: Scion Berry Tree. Emerald Lime and Chalk colourway. Love the connection from this fabric to the outdoor trees.

Utility Room

Utility Room


Fabric: John Lewis Heidi in Steel/Clementine colourway. Not available by the metre so purchased an ex-display eyelet curtain for £10 and had it changed into a Roman blind.



Welcoming the outside in!

Yesterday was exciting. With the tilers completing the grouting of the patio and packing away all their tools, our inside/outside dream became a reality. With the bi-fold doors open, the Dayroom space flowed outside and welcomed the outside in. With this being our first renovation project, this felt like a real achievement. This part of the build was solely organised by us (not part of the Builder’s scope of work) so we had to ensure the patio builders, the bi-fold door company and the tilers understood our goal and had the tools and skills to achieve this. Our end result proved they did.

The Final Sprint Turns into Hurdles

Being so close to the finish is so frustrating. Not because we’re nearly finished (clearly!), more that we can’t quite get there. The Dayroom now has a lovely coating of Dulux’s Grey Steel 3 but the view is still onto a tarpaulin. The tilers, who have been doing the Dayroom and Patio areas, are so weather dependent that the both the hot weather AND the intermittent rain has been holding them up and we keep losing days of progress. No ones fault but still frustrating. With a fair wind and a lukewarm day tomorrow, we’ll hopefully say good bye to them and hello to a very sociable area inside and out.

One activity which hasn’t been frustrating and quite the opposite, is working with our Electrician to put up some lovely lighting. Introducing Kartell lighting to the kids new room, lovely Tom Dixon Beat pendants to the Dayroom and a Made.com shade to one of the guest rooms was a real pleasure. I’m a big fan of pendent lightings and these are definitely big!

Curb Appeal

Where has June gone? It has flown by in a ridiculous twister of craziness. My online silence luckily doesn’t mirror such a quiet time on site. We’ve pushed ahead with some significant and visually changing activities – painting, carpets, Dayroom flooring and lights.

Dayroom transformation

The Dayroom has been transformed and that’s without a single piece of furniture. The floor, which navigated a few speed bumps along the way, is now down, closely followed by the skirting boards. The downlights were then added and now the painters are doing their magic before the sofa makes its debut on Friday. It’s looking pretty good!

Curb Appeal

After months of grabbers, diggers, skip trucks, cranes and any other heavy weight machinery visiting our driveway, the brick edging had taken a real battering. So out with the old edge and in with the new edging and new pea shingle.

And finally…for this post anyway….our neighbours must be so pleased with their improved view – not our almost completed house…..the fact that the portaloo in our front garden has finally gone!!

Last sprint to the end

There seems to have been a concerted effort during the last ten days to push our build through to the end – something that we are 100% supporting as we are very ready to have our house back to ourselves. Brief update on progress:

The Dayroom: The plastering has been completed (which is quick to type but not to do given the size of this room) and steps up/down to the kitchen/breakfast areas built. The builders have handed over to the tiling team who are now preparing the floor to lay all the tiles this week. So whilst these are finished plastering pictures, they are also the before tiling pictures as another level of transformation is soon to take place.

Family Bathroom: After many months of questioning if I had made the right decision in my choice of mosaic tiles to use for the family bathroom, the answer was clear once the grouting was finished. I am so pleased with this bathroom, even without a shower, toilet or sink! It is gorgeous. More photos when the suite is fully fitted.

Master Ensuite: We’re getting closer to enjoying this space as the shower heads (2 x 40cm x 50cm heads) and lighting has been introduced. Suspended from the ceiling the shower heads look really contemporary. We’re only a lick of paint (pictures show the colour picking process is underway!), some cabinets added and a squeeze of silicon away from finishing this room.

Middle Bedroom: Part of the existing house, this room has been a closed door for a while as we decided what we were going to be doing with it. Originally it had an ensuite in it which we ripped out expecting to introduce that space back into the main bedroom area so to have a large room for the kids to use as their new bedroom. However that wasn’t to be as part of the dividing wall was structural so we decided to keep the structure as is (rather than introduce more beams and structural work) and change the usage from a shower room into a LEGO room (which I’m sure will morph into a gaming room as the kids get older). With decision made, work began which included the unveiling of a soap holder hidden in the cavity of the wall!

Triple Ticks & Tiles

After a day of frustrations at the office, I returned home to find some great surprises. Our friend Adrian had been staying with us and had been doing some activities that were out of scope from our builder. Three of those tasks were – a new gate, extending the fencing down the right side of our house, and a  proposed log store – tick, tick, tick!! Love the look of a log store all full of logs – do you think you can still buy logs in May??


Next treat was the start of the family bathroom with its wave of mosaic tiles going around the room. Really looking forward to seeing this room developing over the next few days and ultimately having a bathroom next to the kids bedroom for those late night trips to the loo!

Ensuite Sneak Peak

It’s now only a couple of weeks till finish (have I said this before??) and there is a fair bit of activity on site. The downstairs utility has been plastered, the day room ceiling is now plastered and the casing around the bi-folds & roof-lights built, the annex bathroom is almost done and the painters are doing a cracking job upstairs. But the most impressive change is the near completion of our ensuite bathroom which has been ongoing for some while. With the tiling now completed and bathroom suite in position, but the painting and bathroom cabinets still to be added, here is a sneak peak!

Bees & Bi-folds

Mother Nature had a little word with us this week, she gave us a sign that the bi-fold space had been left open for far too long and if it wasn’t going to be used, then a squatting swarm of bumble-bees was going to start using the soft insulation as their own! After a visit from our local bee keeper (and a lesson on honey bees vs bumble-bees to our builders – brilliant!), the squatters left and the bi-folds arrived!!

After the disappointment of Contemporary Glazing, The Bi-Fold Door Factory over achieved. Delivering in less than three weeks and with exceptional customer service from Dean, the doors came in and the bees went out!

Whilst we wait for the indoor & patio tiling to be done we may keep the silver plastic coating on the black doors to protect them,  but even in their current state, they have already transformed the back of the house.